Welcome to Destination Hope Counseling of Colorado. I am a seasoned therapist with over two decades of experience. I specialize in providing support for individuals navigating various life challenges such as:

  • Grief counseling, offering solace and guidance through the journey of loss.
  • Support for oncology patients and caregivers, providing understanding and coping strategies during the challenging times of illness.
  • Expertise in addressing perinatal issues, assisting individuals and families in navigating the complexities of pregnancy and new parenthood.
  • Tailored therapy for teens and young adults battling depression, anxiety, and self-harm, fostering resilience and growth through compassionate care.

Embark on a path of healing and transformation, where compassion meets experience, and every step forward is met with unwavering support.

Welcome! If you are looking for a specialist who can help you or your child deal with anxiety, depression, behavioral challenges, a high conflict divorce, or a major medical condition, than look no further! Together, as a team, we will come up with a treatment plan and work together to help improve your quality of life. I work with individuals and families. I have had training in sand tray therapy, play therapy, in home therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Raising children is tough under the best of conditions. Medical issues in the family, break-ups, parent conflicts, and mental health issues add an extra amount of stress. My approach is person centered, meeting each client and family right where they are at.

I have over 10 years of experience working with children and families who have been affected by a chronic or terminal illness. I am willing to provide in-home therapy services to individuals who have medical conditions that make it difficult and/or impossible to meet in my office.

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